Where to Eat: The 50 Best Restaurants in Rome

Where to Eat The 50 Best Restaurants in Rome

Food and wine tourism is one of the main reasons that drives many visitors from all over the world to visit Rome, so it was not easy for us to draw up a list with just the 10 best restaurants in Rome.

There are many popular places to eat in Rome but also small places that are absolutely worth a visit, but the real peculiarity is that each of them has dishes on the menu that may not be offered in other places.

Usually the menus of restaurants in large cities are similar but this does not happen in Rome given that Roman cuisine is truly very varied, there are an infinite number of first courses, endless second courses and many other delicious dishes.

In this guide to the Top Roman restaurants we are going to show you some places known for their traditional dishes, others for their modern and innovative cuisine and also some hidden gems present in the eternal city. We have drawn up a list of the best restaurants in Rome divided into categories, selecting those most acclaimed by Romans.

The best recommended restaurants where you can eat the best Roman cuisine

1) Macaroni

This trattoria is located just 4 minutes walk from the Trevi Fountain but despite its proximity to one of the most visited places in Rome you will notice that the majority of the customers are Italian. The place is quite modest, the furnishings are very classic but this is what distinguishes trattorias from luxury restaurants. When the weather permits, some outdoor tables are also placed. The dishes offered by Maccheroni are all typical dishes of Roman cuisine, we would like to recommend the tonnarelli cacio e pepe and the fried courgette flowers.

2) Holy Palate

Although this place has not been open for many years, it immediately managed to establish itself thanks to the skill of its chefs. At Santo Palato you will find typical dishes of Roman cuisine slightly revisited, the change made to the dishes gives them something extra but without distorting their origin. The real strong point of the place, however, is represented by some second courses which are prepared with offal, this part of the animals which is generally snubbed is instead prepared in a masterly manner in this place. The restaurant's chef, Sarah Cicolini, works hard every day and for this reason the menu often undergoes changes given that the restaurant prefers to use seasonal and fresh products.

Address: Piazza Tarquinia, 4 00183

3) Roscioli Salumeria con Cucina

Roscioli Salumeria con Cucina is a classic Osteria known for its pasta, cured meats and cheeses. This place is a real institution in Rome and offers an impressive selection of high quality cured meats, cheeses and products. The restaurant inside also has a huge wine cellar and the staff, who are very attentive and expert, will ask you questions so you can understand what best suits your palate.

4) A Rota Romanian Pizzeria

This pizzeria is known by almost all Roman citizens but not only since in 2022 it was included in the list of the 50 best pizzerias in Italy. At A rota you will find the classic Roman-style pizza which is very shallow and crunchy unlike the Neapolitan one with a pronounced crust. In Roman pizzerias, appetizers called supplì are also prepared which we absolutely recommend you try.

5) Braid

This tavern opened only 4 years ago and in just 4 years it has managed to make itself known throughout the city. The place is very beautiful, there is a checkered floor, the lighting is very particular and the marble tables are really very beautiful. At the Trecca restaurant the best Roman culinary specialties are served, among the first courses the carbonara and amatriciana absolutely stand out which are made to a work of art. Among the second courses we recommend the coratella which is a typical dish of the Roman tradition prepared with liver and lots of onion.

Address: Via Alessandro Severo, 220, 00145

6) Piperno

Entering this place you will take a dive into the past, the furnishings are reminiscent of 90s restaurants as is the clothing of the staff. The staff is very courteous and the welcome is warm, once you enter you will be guided and they will make you sit at one of the many tables that the restaurant offers. Among the appetizers we recommend the potato croquettes and the supplì. As for the first courses, the potato gnocchi with cream cheese are a must-order. The cuisine of the Piperno restaurant is also very good at fresh fish dishes. After dinner, enjoy a nice walk near the restaurant as it is located very close to the Pantheon and Campo de' Fiori.

Address: Monte Cenci, 9 00186

7) Circle

This place opened not even two years ago but has immediately enjoyed great success, this is because its owners are also the owners of Trecca, the place we presented to you previously. Il Circoletto presents on the menu some things also present at Trecca but in a very different atmosphere, it has many tables outside with a view of the Circus Maximus and is more aimed at making you eat something while drinking a glass of wine or a beer. The restaurant is open until late and in addition to typical traditional Roman dishes, it also has smash burgers and snacks on the menu to accompany one of the many craft beers on the menu. The food is fantastic and the location is fantastic too so we highly recommend this place.

8) Trapizzino

This place is present in several locations in Rome, the best known is that of Testaccio, a beautiful, very ancient neighborhood of Rome. A Trapizzino has also opened in Trastevere a few years ago and the products offered in the various locations are identical, there is no difference on the menu. The trapizzino is practically a pizza cone that is stuffed with one of the many toppings that are prepared in the restaurant, the most popular being that of chicken Cacciatore. Trapizzino is also known for its excellent selection of wines. The restaurant in Trastevere only works for takeaway, while the one in Testaccio also has a beautiful room where you can sit and eat this delicacy.

9) Checchino since 1887

This place opened more than 100 years ago reflects true Roman cuisine, in fact, almost all the dishes are based on offal. The must-order of this place is without a doubt the Roman tripe which is made with tomato sauce, mint and finally topped with a generous grating of pecorino romano.
Among the first courses we would like to recommend spaghetti with artichoke cream and pecorino cheese. The pan-fried chicory is absolutely the side dish to order.
Much appreciated by loyal customers is the panna cotta which is served in a large earthenware bowl and is a pleasant way to end the meal.

10) The Tavernaccia

This place fully represents the Rome of the past, the menu and the furnishings are confirmation of what has just been said. As an appetizer we recommend ordering the mixed platter of cold cuts and cheeses. The dish that made this place famous is a first course, we are talking about rigatoni all'amatriciana. If you still have room for a second course, you absolutely must try the baked suckling pig which is served with excellent roasted potatoes seasoned with garlic and rosemary. The restaurant also has a wide range of wines, the staff can advise you and make you pair an excellent one with what you ordered.

The best starred restaurants in Rome

  1. La Pergola: located inside the Hotel Rome Cavalieri Waldorf Astoria, La Pergola is led by chef Heinz Beck and boasts three Michelin stars. It is known for its fine cuisine, breathtaking city views and one of the best wine cellars in Italy.
  2. Il Pagliaccio: with two Michelin stars, this restaurant in the heart of Rome led by chef Anthony Genovese offers cuisine that expertly blends Italian and Asian influences, in an elegant and refined environment.
  3. Aroma: located at Palazzo Manfredi Aroma boasts a Michelin star and offers spectacular views of the Colosseum. Chef Giuseppe Di Iorio offers dishes that combine Roman culinary tradition with modern techniques.
  4. Imàgo: the first restaurant in Rome to have received a Michelin star Imàgo is located at the Hotel Hassler near Trinità dei Monti (Piazza di Spagna). Chef Andrea Antonini offers innovative cuisine in an environment with an incredible panoramic view of the city.
  5. Pulejo: Pulejo is known for its culinary excellence that explores the riches of the sea with a commitment to the freshness of ingredients and the creativity of dishes. The restaurant offers a gastronomic experience that celebrates the diversity of Mediterranean flavours.
  6. Moma: Obtaining a Michelin star, Moma offers a culinary experience that combines modernity and tradition with a creative menu that changes seasonally, in a sophisticated and contemporary environment.
  7. For Me Giulio Terrinoni: with one Michelin star, this restaurant by the famous chef Giulio Terrinoni is located in the heart of Rome and offers cuisine based on the freshness of the ingredients and the creativity of the dishes.
  8. Glass Hostaria: in the characteristic Trastevere district the Glass Hostaria, led by chef Cristina Bowerman, holds a Michelin star. The restaurant is known for its innovative cuisine and modern design.
  9. Idylio by Apreda: located inside the Hotel Pantheon Iconic, this restaurant led by chef Francesco Apreda has obtained a Michelin star for its cuisine that blends Italian flavors and international influences.
  10. Enoteca La Torre: located in Villa Laetitia, run by the Fendi family, this Michelin-starred restaurant offers an elegant dining experience with great attention to wine selection.

What are the best restaurants in Rome for Romans?

  1. Assunta Madre: famous for its fresh fish dishes, this restaurant offers a refined culinary experience emphasizing the quality and freshness of marine ingredients.
  2. Retrobottega: Retrobottega brings innovation to the heart of Rome with a philosophy that emphasizes experimentation and research.
  3. Marzapane: Recognized for its innovative approach to Italian cuisine Marzapane offers a unique dining experience, with well-conceived and impeccably presented dishes.
  4. Colline Emiliane: specializing in traditional Emilian dishes, it offers an authentic experience with homemade pasta and high quality ingredients in a warm environment.
  5. Tordomatto: led by Adriano Baldassarre, Tordomatto continues to offer a menu inspired by traditional cuisine with a contemporary touch in an elegant but welcoming environment.
  6. Pierluigi: this Roman restaurant with its historic location near Piazza Navona is famous for its fresh fish dishes, seasonal ingredients and a selection of high-quality wines.
  7. Antico Arco: located on the Gianicolo hill, offers innovative cuisine that reinterprets traditional Italian and Roman dishes with a modern and creative touch.
  8. Le Tamerici: Located in a quieter area of Rome, Le Tamerici is a restaurant that is gaining attention for its innovative cuisine and use of fresh, seasonal ingredients.
  9. SantoPalato: brings traditional Roman dishes to the table with a modern and personal approach, emphasizing the quality of the ingredients and seasonality.
  10. Metamorfosi: this restaurant is known for its innovative and experimental cuisine where each dish tells a story through colours, shapes and flavours.

What are the best cheap but quality restaurants in Rome?

  1. Hostaria Romana: known for its generous portions of classic Roman dishes such as carbonara and amatriciana, it is located near Piazza Barberini.
  2. Da Enzo al 29: located in the heart of Trastevere this small restaurant offers authentic Roman cuisine in a typically Roman atmosphere. Reservations are recommended due to its popularity.
  3. L'Arcangelo: offers a reinterpretation of classic Roman recipes in an elegant but informal atmosphere. It is known for its gnocchi with tomato sauce served only on Thursdays, in accordance with Roman tradition.
  4. Osteria Fernanda: a slightly more refined but still reasonably priced option offering a menu based on seasonal produce with a modern twist.
  5. Flavio al Veleroedetto: located in the Testaccio district known for its Roman cuisine, it offers traditional dishes in a welcoming environment with a cellar dug into the mountain of ancient shards.
  6. Cesare al Casaletto: a little outside the center but worth a visit for its pasta, fried foods and meat main courses all served with a contemporary touch and at reasonable prices.
  7. La Taverna dei Quaranta: located near the Colosseum, offers a wonderful view and traditional Roman dishes at honest prices in a familiar and welcoming environment.
  8. Da Danilo: an excellent restaurant to enjoy fresh pasta and other Roman classics. The atmosphere is welcoming and the quality-price ratio is very good.
  9. Trattoria Vecchia Roma: This historic restaurant offers an authentic Roman dining experience with generous, competitively priced dishes in a lively, traditional atmosphere.
  10. Sora Margherita: located in the picturesque Jewish quarter, it is a small restaurant that serves traditional Roman and Roman-Jewish dishes at affordable prices.

What are the best trattorias in Rome?

  1. Trattoria Da Lucia: located in the heart of Trastevere, it is famous for its authentic Roman cuisine and welcoming atmosphere.
  2. Da Felice a Testaccio: known for its cacio e pepe served directly on the plate with a generous sprinkling of pecorino. Da Felice a Testaccio is a must for those looking for authentic Roman cuisine.
  3. Osteria Bonelli: Located in a less touristy area of Rome, Osteria Bonelli is a popular choice among locals for its authentic Roman cuisine and homey atmosphere.
  4. Trattoria dell'Omo: this typical trattoria near Termini station is loved for its authentic Roman cuisine and honest prices.
  5. Osteria delle Coppelle: near Piazza delle Coppelle, this osteria serves traditional Roman dishes with a modern twist, in an elegant and welcoming environment.
  6. La Campana: the oldest trattoria in Rome offers a wide variety of traditional Roman dishes in a historic and welcoming environment.
  7. Hosteria Grappolo d'Oro: near Campo de' Fiori is famous for its pasta and other Roman classics served in a friendly environment.
  8. La Tavernaccia Da Bruno: this trattoria offers Roman and Umbrian cuisine, known for their authenticity and goodness, in a warm and familiar environment.
  9. Trattoria Monti: famous for its Marche and Roman specialities, it offers a family atmosphere and tasty dishes at affordable prices.
  10. Trattoria Perilli: another Testaccio gem famous for its carbonara maintains affordable prices while offering high quality dishes.

What are the best pizzerias in Rome?

Rome with its rich culinary tradition has some of the best pizzerias offering unforgettable experiences for every palate. This list presents the best pizzerias in the city selected by our editorial staff for their excellence in combining quality ingredients, innovative techniques and a unique atmosphere. From the historic pizzerias in the lively neighborhoods of Trastevere and Testaccio to the modern interpreters of artisanal pizza. Discover these culinary gems to complete your exploration of Rome's best restaurants.

  1. Seu Pizza Illuminati: this pizzeria stands out for its innovative interpretation of pizza with well-leavened dough and gourmet ingredients.
  2. La Gatta Mangiona: this pizzeria is appreciated for both its traditional and creative pizzas as well as a good selection of craft beers.
  3. Tonda: offers a delicious pizza with soft and generous edges as well as an excellent selection of starters.
  4. Ai Marmi (a.k.a. L'Obitorio): one of the most famous pizzerias in Trastevere, it offers thin and crunchy pizzas in an always crowded and lively environment.
  5. Da Remo: this pizzeria in the heart of Testaccio is known for its very thin and crunchy Roman pizza, a classic that never disappoints.
  6. Pizzeria Ostiense: famous for its Roman-style pizza, it offers a crispy crust and fresh, tasty ingredients.
  7. Nuovo Mondo: considered one of the best pizzerias in Testaccio, serves thin and crunchy pizzas at affordable prices.
  8. Pizzeria San Marino: located near Termini Station, it is famous among locals for its tasty pizzas and its no-frills environment.
  9. Baffetto: one of the most historic pizzerias in Rome known for its thin pizzas and its lively atmosphere.
  10. Montecarlo: near Piazza Navona this pizzeria is an institution for lovers of Roman pizza.