Weekend of Wellness and Relaxation: Discover Creative Ideas to Regenerate

Weekend of Wellness and Relaxation Discover Creative Ideas to Regenerate

Are you looking for a way to relax and take a break from your daily routine? More and more Italians are considering the option of a wellness weekend to recharge their energy.

The desire to relax, to unplug, is the thought that most goes through the minds of Italians in recent times. More and more people appreciate a wellness weekend to recharge their batteries.

The tourist offer is adapting to the strong demand, sometimes becoming very imaginative with very particular treatments. Couples choose a wellness and relaxation weekend for their special moments, women for their weekends with friends, pregnant women to regenerate, but not only.

Tuscany is one of the best regions equipped to host tourists who love wellness stays and now imagination is taking over, every day a new type of massage or even a new thematic package is offered. Many of the massages offered include treatments with various types of spices.

Which Treatments to Choose on a Wellness Weekend

An example could be the Petriolo Candle Massage, or even a simple Candle massage, carried out with candles made of vegetable fats and spices with hydrating and nourishing properties for the skin. During the approximately one-hour massage, the candle is melted and spread over the body in a mix of relaxation, stress relief, and inebriating scents.

More and more frequently we talk about wine therapy consisting of a series of treatments that exploit this product and its antioxidant qualities, while once wine was used in some structures for couples' baths, now it is very common to find it also in inside of facial scrub masks.

Only for Women?

Although in the past it was mainly women who took advantage of these wellness and beauty treatments, a strong ritual of body care and a passion for this form of relaxing holiday has now taken hold among men, so much so that wellness facilities and centers aestheticians often turn to them directly with ad hoc treatments: an example is certainly the Stimulating & Energizing Spicy Body Treatment, a treatment based on spices such as ginger and black pepper. The treatment lasts approximately 80 minutes and starts with a ginger shower and ends with a honey massage.

There are many alternatives and an excuse to find time for a weekend of well-being and regenerating relaxation is always available. All that remains is to leave.

The Best Hotels with Spa in Italy

Borgo Egnazia – Puglia: This luxury resort hotel offers an exceptional spa experience in a charming setting. Their Vair Spa is famous for wellness treatments inspired by the Apulian tradition.

Lefay Resort & SPA Lake Garda – Lombardy: located on the shores of Lake Garda this resort hotel offers breathtaking views and a world-class spa ideal for relaxation and well-being.

ADLER Spa Resort Thermae – Tuscany: this spa resort hotel is nestled in the hills of Val D'Orcia (UNSESCO heritage) in Tuscany and offers thermal pools, saunas and a wide range of wellness treatments.

Fonteverde Tuscan Resort & Spa – Tuscany: located in a Renaissance villa this spa resort offers a rich variety of spa treatments, thermal baths and a panoramic swimming pool overlooking the Tuscan countryside.

L'Albereta – Lombardy: this luxury boutique hotel boasts an exclusive spa, Espace Chenot, specializing in slimming and anti-aging treatments.

The San Pietro di Positano – Campania: This five-star hotel offers panoramic views of the Amalfi Coast and a world-class spa with an outdoor thermal pool.

Terme di Saturnia Spa & Golf Resort – Tuscany: located in the hills of Tuscany this thermal (sulfur water) resort hotel offers thermal springs, swimming pools and a complete wellness centre.

L'Andana – Tuscany: This luxury hotel offers an elegant setting and an exceptional spa that uses products from Alain Ducasse's skincare line.

Bagni di Pisa – Tuscany: This historic spa hotel is famous for its healing thermal waters and offers a full range of wellness treatments.

Castel Monastero – Tuscany: located in a 17th century monastery, this luxury resort offers an exclusive spa, a wellness center and holistic treatments.