Phillip Island Australia: Travel Tips and Itineraries

Phillip Island Australia Travel Tips and Itineraries

Australia, state of Victoria, east of Melbourne. This is where the small island of Phillip Island is located, a slice of land 26 kilometers long and 9 kilometers wide, enclosed in the bay of Melbourne and washed by the waves of the Indian Ocean. A distant destination and an ideal place to spend your beach holidays, during which you can fully enjoy the wild nature typical of the oceanic continent, but without giving up the comforts and relaxation that Australia offers.

Discovering Phillip Island

You can alternate rest in the hotel with panoramic walks, a visit to the biopark - which is home to koalas, kangaroos and parrots - or watch the renowned sunset over the ocean while waiting for the penguins to return.

Sunset with Penguins

Yes, because this is the designated place to see these splendid creatures up close, the smallest of their species, who spend the day foraging for food in the water and at sunset return to the shore to return to their dens on the beach. The visit to the penguins is well organised: at your disposal you will have bleachers from which to watch the event, guides who will provide you with all the information, and obviously bars, toilets and shops. An experience not to be missed, these are unforgettable emotions that you will carry with you for a lifetime.

Along the central street of Phillip Island you will feel like you are in a film: halfway between western and modern vintage, you will find objects and souvenirs from modern times in the stores. You will be spoiled for choice at dinner: from typical Italian pizza to American fish & chips, including kebab, Indian cuisine or Chinese restaurants.

Perhaps Phillip Island is a little lacking in terms of evening attractions, but ultimately you are not far from Melbourne. It is a destination to include in the agenda for a pleasant and relaxing two days, away from the frenzy of the city and shopping centres, but at the same time it will immerse you in the true essence of Australia: wild nature!

With two days and just one overnight stay the island can be visited in its entirety. Then, after all, 3 million visitors a year make Phillip Island one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of Australia.

What Are the Best Things to See in Phillip Island?

Phillip Island in Australia offers a vast and diverse range of attractions and activities to suit all interests from stunning nature experiences and wildlife viewing to adventure sports. Here is a list of the best things to do in Phillip Island that we have selected from Australian tourism sites.

  1. Exploring Cape Woolamai: Engage in the Cape Woolamai Circuit Walk to enjoy spectacular coastal views including the Pinnacles and Woolamai Beacon. Maybe you can spot wildlife such as wallabies and marine animals. The route varies from 2 to 4 hours and offers shorter itineraries to specific attractions such as the Pinnacles.
  2. Attending the Surf Contests at Cape Woolamai: if you are traveling in November you cannot miss the Phillip Island Pro Surf Contest. A remarkable event that attracts surfers from all over the world.
  3. Visit Churchill Island: You can explore historic buildings, Victorian gardens and a working farm. It is an ideal place for family outings with various activities such as cow milking and sheep shearing.
  4. Discover the Forrest Caves: created by erosion over thousands of years these caves are only accessible during low tide. They are a hidden gem that offers a unique opportunity for stunning photos.
  5. Enjoy the Rhyll Wetland and Bird Sanctuary: a peaceful haven for bird watching and enjoying mangrove and wetland habitats.
  6. Learning to Surf at Smiths Beach: ideal for both beginners and expert surfers. Smiths Beach offers friendly waves and surf schools such as Island Surf School.
  7. Relax at Cleeland Bight Beach: a secluded, family-friendly beach perfect for paddle boarding, kayaking and fishing.
  8. Family Fun at Cowes Beach: This calm, shallow beach in the heart of Cowes is very suitable for couples or families looking for a quiet spot for some great sunbathing.
  9. Cape Woolamai Excursion: This half-day excursion takes you through the Woolamai State Reserve to the highest point on Phillip Island, offering breathtaking views and wildlife spotting opportunities.
  10. Explore the Ancient Forrest Caves: accessible via a walk on the beach, these caves formed by erosion are a lesser-known point of interest on the island but equally very noteworthy. We suggest you visit them during low tide.

Where to eat on Phillip Island in Australia

Here is a selection of 10 restaurants in Phillip Island where you could enjoy some delicious dishes:

  1. Pino's Trattoria: authentic Italian cuisine.
  2. Isle of Capri: Mediterranean flavours.
  3. Kelp: tapas experience.
  4. Westernport Hotel: Traditional pub meals.
  5. San Remo Hotel: for a local experience.
  6. Saltwater Phillip Island: Ocean View Dining.
  7. Beach HQ: ideal for lunches and dinners overlooking the sea.
  8. Anerie: French cuisine.
  9. The Wooli Tavern: New addition to Cape Woolamai with outdoor garden and live music.
  10. Rusty Waters Brewery and Restaurant: Large selection of wine and beer, with classic meals.