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Top 8 Best Keyword Generators For SEO (Free & Paid)

Top 8 Best Keyword Generators For SEO (Free & Paid)

The choice of keywords is crucial in building an SEO optimized site. Here are 8 tools to generate keywords easily.

In a SEO strategy for your website in search engines, a good keyword generator is crucial. This can make all the difference in the choice of keywords. How to find keyword ideas? Why is this important? Which tool to choose to do the best keyword research? Are there any free tools that can help us generate keywords? What are the criteria to consider when choosing such a tool? Discover in this article the 8 best keyword research tools.

Reminder: what is a keyword and why is it important for natural referencing?

Before listing the best tools for generating keywords, let's go back to the concept of keywords in itself. A keyword is the expression that defines a page in search engines. When a user does a search on Google (or another search engine), he types keywords in his search bar . If your page corresponds to the keywords typed by the Internet user, you should appear in the search results. So, of course, the ideal is to arrive in the first page of search results, or even in the top 3: this is the very principle of SEO.

Either way, every page on your website should be built around a single keyword . Focusing on a single query greatly increases your chances of having a correct SEO.

How to get keyword ideas?

To get ideas for keywords, you can start by thinking yourself, but that's not enough and it's not always easy to get into the head of an Internet user, and guess what he's going to type. in the search bar.

Our advice for finding as many keyword ideas as possible is to combine exporting keywords from competing sites of the same theme and generating keywords . Some tools that we are going to see allow you to do both. You will then obtain a large file that brings us together, all you have to do is sort it to find everything you want!

Our selection of the 5 best keyword research tools to optimize your natural referencing on Google

SE Ranking, the all-in-one SEO tool

The first tool we recommend is SE Ranking . It is a very powerful and above all very complete SEO tool . Keyword research is just one of its many features. It allows you to concretely manage from A to Z the natural referencing of your site.

Let's talk about keyword generation first . On your SE Ranking account interface, go to the “  keyword research ” tab  and type in a keyword to get started. You will thus have access to the SEO difficulty of the keyword (that is to say how competitive it is), its monthly search volume with a trend of the last months and the CPC for Google Ads campaigns. These are the 3 main pieces of information but SE Ranking does not stop there.

If you scroll below his first info, you should see a “keyword ideas” section appear and that is precisely what interests us here. SE Ranking generates 3 different keyword lists:

  • Keywords similar in meaning to the one you typed
  • Related keywords
  • Low search volume keywords
With these three lists, you should have at least a hundred keyword ideas for any phrase. You can consult the detailed report of each of the lists of keywords then export them in .XLS (Excel format) or .CSV.

Beyond the research and the generation of keywords, SE Ranking gives you access to many features around SEO :

  1. Monitoring the positions of your website on your strategic keywords
  2. Checking the quality of backlinks
  3. Competitive research on other sites: domain authority, organic traffic, paid traffic, keywords positioned, traffic evolution, number of referring domains, etc.
  4. SEO audit of your website
  5. On-page SEO verification
  6. And much more to discover on their site.

Ranxplorer, a relevant alternative tool for analyzing keywords

If you are looking for a French alternative to software like SE Ranking or SEMrush, you can try Ranxplorer . It is quite simply the largest database of SEO and SEA results available in France , just that! Nearly 30 million sites are listed there, for about 3 billion results and 100 million keywords.

As they say so well on their site, with Ranxplorer, you will start from one keyword to get 100 . This is the purpose of a keyword generator. With the competitive analysis features, it is possible to detect which keywords are used by the competition. This is an opportunity to position your site on the most strategic requests on the market.

A strong point of Ranxplorer is also the proposed rate . Indeed, their entry-level price is only €7.50 excluding tax per month . That's really low for this type of tool. At this price, you are entitled to 100 keyword searches per month, 10 site analyzes and 1 user. This is the perfect plan for a small crafter who wants to improve their online presence. Then, the prices do not exceed 83 € per month for the best package, which remains relatively reasonable.

Serpstat, the SEO software for professionals

Still in the register of all-in-one SEO platforms , we find Serpstat . It is a rather powerful software, used in particular by Uber, Shopify or Samsung. This tool is intended more for use in large companies and agencies. It will not really suit a craftsman or a freelancer.

Serpstat offers many services on its software : site audit, page audit, position monitoring, domain analysis, organic and paid competitive analysis, analysis of contextual ads, text analysis, etc... and of course the analysis and keyword generation.

As for keyword research , their large database of keywords allows you to collect the semantics of a site with indicators such as volume, popularity, competition or even the difficulty of keywords. . Keyword collection and analysis is based on regional (country) search results and competitor sites in your industry.

  • Finds all keyword options, similar keywords and suggestions
  • Create a content strategy for your blog using research questions
  • Analyze your competitors by keyword research results
  • Retrieves volume, keyword difficulty and competition
  • Analyzes keyword trends and seasonality
  • Improve the semantics of each page of your site by using missing keywords
  • Research industry leaders by keywords and their ad examples


If you're looking for a complete platform to manage all of your online marketing , SEMrush might be right for you. It is one of the best known tools on the market. It offers you a very substantial panel of features around digital marketing, including the one that interests us: keyword research.

Indeed, their keyword generation tool will allow you to take the right position in the search results. First, it allows you to find keywords , and study them with different data: search volume, search intent, difficulty, CPC, search result features, etc. Then, SEMrush offers you Keyword Magic Tool , to generate combinations of keywords from a single one. SEMrush also shares relevant keyword opportunities with you in view of your strategy. In short, SEMrush gives you everything you need to make a good keyword strategy.

Obviously, SEMrush doesn't stop at keyword research . On SEO alone, we also have access to position tracking, local SEO, backlink analysis and much more. But, as we said, it really is a digital marketing platform. That is to say, it can also help you with content marketing, market research, CPC campaigns, social networks or even reputation management.

Yooda Insight

Unlike the various tools we have seen so far, Yooda is much more specialized in keyword research. Yooda offers 4 features including keyword research.

Operation is as simple as other tools. You type an expression in the search bar and Yooda Insight brings you a list of “close” keywords. To find your way around, you have access to filters based on the number of searches, the competition, the proximity, the search term, the CPC or even the number of results in the SERPs. However, the data available for each keyword is limited to this. It is possible to export the list in CSV.

This is a rather "rudimentary" tool, which can quickly find itself in difficulty when faced with specific long-tail queries.

How to find keywords for free?

Google Keyword Planner, the free keyword planner

To take advantage of a free keyword tool, sometimes you don't have to look far: Google has one for you. Indeed, on the Google Ads platform , you can use the planning tool without paying 1 cent! In fact, if you want to take advantage of all the features, you need to have an active Ads campaign. This therefore induces a payment. However, even without a campaign, you will be able to come up with plenty of keyword ideas .

To do this, simply create an account by going to the Google Ads site. Then, once on your Google Ads dashboard, click on the “tools and settings” tab and then select “  keyword planner tool ”. You arrive on the interface of the tool, you must then click on "find new keywords" and type an expression. A list of keywords should then appear.

The problem if you don't have an active Ads campaign is that the monthly number of searches will be a range, just like the competition for the keyword. If you're just looking for keyword ideas, that's enough.

Ubersuggest, the site to find the right keywords for free

This tool is very well known because it has, in a way, “made accessible” the generation of keywords. Ubersuggest is owned by famous English entrepreneur Neil Patel.

This site gives you the opportunity to search 3 free keywords every day . For each of them, you will have access to basic information: search volume, organic difficulty, paid difficulty and CPC. You will even have the average number of backlinks from the top 10 pages of the query.

Then, Ubersuggest provides you with lots of keyword ideas in different forms: suggestions, related, questions, prepositions and comparisons. There is even a “content ideas” section to find ideas for titles and articles to write.

Answer the public, a great way to find keyword ideas easily

This last tool is not purely SEO-centric. Indeed, Answer the Public is a visualization tool that allows you to obtain all the questions underlying a keyword that Internet users ask themselves. For this, it uses search suggestions from Google or Bing. With this, he thus builds a kind of thematic tree.

As part of the construction of a semantic cocoon , this tool can be very relevant. Same thing just at the scale of an article. It allows you to find topics that are of potential interest to Internet users who have typed the basic query.

It can therefore be considered as a tool for generating keywords: you type an expression and it pulls out a list of “keywords”, even if these are more questions here. This is an opportunity to optimize your presence in the "People Also Ask" and "Frequently Asked Questions".

Keyword research is very important in an SEO or content strategy. Our advice is to opt for a tool that is sufficiently complete to centralize your tools as much as possible, while remaining an expert in its subject. If you know of other keyword generators, free or not, that may be relevant in this ranking, do not hesitate to share them with us in the comments below or from our social networks. 

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